In 2010, you probably wouldn't have recognized me... I was a full-time COO for a global, fast-paced real estate investment company, I easily met 18 hour work days, and I wore kitten heels and suits. 


Then a miracle occurred: the company liquidated and we were all retrenched.  


YES, I still refer to the retrenchment as my Starting Miracle!

Instead of seeking alternate employment like we're (mostly) raised to do, I took a leap of faith. 


Faith in myself, and faith in my future. It was finally time to ignite my own inner flame, and to fulfill the dream I’d held close to my heart ever since I was 11: to run my own business while helping other people in deeply meaningful ways.  


So instead of updating my CV and looking for a job, I bought a new laptop, registered my first company, secured the domain name, and (upon receipt of the official company documentation) proudly trotted into the bank like a stallion on show day to open up the new business bank account!  


Thus, my creative entrepreneurial world was birthed in the tiny living room of my old condo. I've been working from my home office ever since, and I've never looked back. 


I’ll be as honest with you as I am with my clients: 


It’s not always easy. No entrepreneurial journey is going to come with flashing rainbows, fairy dust and flying unicorns… 


It can get really tough out there, especially if you’re the sole breadwinner with several dependents relying on you. Being the provider for your family, your employees and their families, and - if you're an animal rescuer like me - your often sick or injured pets and their special needs mean you carry heavy responsibility. 


But what truly GREAT things in life don't challenge us, right?! 


I went from a humble 5k bank account to 5.2 million in holdings in my personal estate by 33, just three years after starting my first business. And I’ve been all the way down to zero... and then even further down to approximately -$45k in personal bad debt. 


I've been completely lost and afraid, and I've slammed my fist against the pillow while crying myself to sleep on more than one occasion when I felt completely dumbfounded about what to do next.


But I've also experienced some of the best, most soul-fulfilling and awe-inspiring joys and experiences of my entire life to date!  #forevergrateful


Despite the highs and lows that inevitably come with stepping away from "the norm" as I learned to kick mediocrity to the curb, I've never stopped investing in my own mentorship, studies and coaching by world-renowned leaders.


Nor have I ever quit on my dreams or my strategic international business expansion, no matter how tempting at times! 


Because there's something super special that happens to us when we embark on entrepreneurial adventures.


There's something special beyond our five senses that starts to call us once we've achieved a certain level of financial independence by way of money and wealth...


We become active seekers of much, much bigger things in life: the priceless stuff. 


And we quickly learn that no matter how much we've already learned, there's always more to learn about everything!  And that's the most beautiful part of it all. 


Our world's brave entrepreneurial warriors know this:

Starting a business is the quick, easy and cheap part. It's like buying a horse: they're everywhere, and I say that with immense love and respect. 


What will continue to challenge you past every limit you ever imagined for yourself is consistently advancing your life and business for long-term, sustainable success.


Moving through all the challenges is what defines our future, our income and our impact. Moving forward in steadfast conviction for our purpose-driven mission, despite the inevitable potholes and occasional wipe out.


THAT'S what will define our legacy in this world. THAT'S what our continual multi-dimensional evolution is all about. Because that's the only way we can create a lasting impact on the people we touch.


As business owners, big dreamers and visionary leaders in this world, we're constantly tasked to prove our mettle and master our resilience as we command more and more of ourselves in our quests for freedom, fulfilment and self-mastery. 


This is why I believe running your own business is the best self-development tool available!


It's a phenomenal journey of self-discovery, expansion and liberation. And it happens in every way: mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.


​It's a thrilling adventure of wins and losses, of profits and purpose. It's a boldly enlightening journey which reveals, layer by layer, the depths of what's truly possible for you. It's the epitome of lifelong transformation and self-actualization at its finest. 


You learn to free yourself from your self-imposed starting gates and limited thinking. You bravely rear up and rise to proclaim the REAL you. All of you, not only a part of the whole. 


We can all live an inspired, purposeful, deeply fulfilling and wealthy life doing what we love.  *Every*Day*  


A life elevated with rich experiences and growth as we play in harmony, faith, freedom and good fortune. A heart-centered, mind-grounded, soul-fired life which effortlessly infuses our business-savvy bad ass with our nurturing Buddha babe/boss. 


You deserve to express your heart's burning desires. It's precisely why those etheric seeds - your very dreams, desires and goals - were planted within you in the first place...


I am blessed and humbled to be able to help others expand into their highest potential as they realize the truth of their radiance and pure pedigreed perfection. I've since dedicated the rest of my days to this very purpose.


We certainly weren’t born to simply ‘pay bills and die’ after having drowned our dreams in desperation, debt or despair. 


My wish for you is to gallop forth with gusto and ignite your soul sparks, unbridle the BS, muck out the misery, and saddle up significant success! 


The world wants you to be unashamedly YOU because someone out there needs to hear your story.

"The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it."

Henry David Thoreau