You have ideas, a dream. A vision.

You know you're meant for more. 

You want to show your family that it's POSSIBLE to follow your dreams and be successful. 


You know there must be an easier way to be truly happy, make good money, work from home, and fall in LOVE with life again! 


You know there's a way to live an Inspired Life because...


Marketing, Money & Mindset Miracles

Exist For Everyone!

Welcome to the only done-with-you, concierge-curated, white glove mentorship, coaching AND creation experience!


In today's rather turbulent times, our Flaming Silver Team is here to help you step into your most inspired life. A life overflowing with love, harmony, gratitude, abundance, fulfilment, joy, peace and prosperity. 


If you're a heart-centered solopreneur or small business owner trying to achieve your dreams from the comfort of your home...


We're here to activate your Triple M Trifecta!


The subjects of Marketing, Money and Mindset carry great weight in our modern-day era. The digital landscape has opened the doors to people from all walks of life and levelled out the playing field.


But most mindset programs barely touch the surface of what's REALLY required to create major shifts in your life. Uncovering our subconscious paradigms and proactively transmuting core beliefs, fears and wounds is not for the inexperienced guide.


Most marketing-related courses ask you to exhaust yourself by watching a gazillion online training videos, after which you're still left to figure out all the implementation "stuff" on your own... while pulling your hair out because of tech glitches you can't fathom.


Many people are also left feeling as if their copywriting and content was made for preschoolers instead of their ideal clients.

What if your life could change... tomorrow?!

The Marketing, Money & Mindset Miracles Group Mentorship Experience is a radically different combination framework uniquely designed to help you sail over these hurdles like a champion Thoroughbred showjumper!


MMM was purposefully created to help our world's budding entrepreneurial spirits elevate their personal lives mentally, emotionally + spiritually *AND* grow their dream businesses from home.


At the same time.


MMM is an 18-week mentorship, coaching and curation experience dedicated to helping novice entrepreneurs focus on essential business growth activities so they can do MORE than "survive"!


Getting the right systems in place, using affordable (or free) online tools that save you time, and getting your messaging + visual impact aligned with your content initiatives in a way that magnetizes your ideal clients is just the beginning...


Because they're mission-critical to your cash flow.


But in order to create sustainable success, we also dive deeeeep into your money mindset!


And we do it in a way that's fun, kind and supportive in real-time to help you get the best results. 


We don't skim the surface with an overload of "rah rah", either... We dive deep into your subconscious realms and discover your conditioned paradigms while steadily re-aligning you with your highest truth and personal power.


Together, we muck out the head trash that's holding you back, and we start overriding your disempowering cycles of self-sabotage.


Because that's the ONLY way you’ll get momentum!

(And actually bank more money.) 


IMAGINE adding another zero to your bank account balance because you KNOW you're worth your offers...

And your clients believe that, too!


IMAGINE believing that you wholly deserve EVERYTHING your heart desires...

No matter how big or scary your vision and goals are!


IMAGINE slaying your sabotage patterns and flipping the switch on your negative thoughts EVERY time they try to stop you...

Because you're no longer a slave to your old conditioning!


IMAGINE replacing your old chaotic habits and routines with new EMPOWERING rituals that'll serve you forever...

Because you've become a clear, focused Thoroughbred Champion for your life!


IMAGINE loving your schedule every day because you run your business with SAVVY online systems...

And you feel + perform like a small business PRO!


IMAGINE elevating and nurturing your self-worth, self-esteem, self-love and self-respect in BIG ways... 

Because being boldly, confidently YOU is no longer negotiable!


IMAGINE waking up feeling 100% AWESOME every single day... 

Because you've finally taken the necessary steps to consciously co-create the life and business of your dreams!

Reserve your Place & Become a Miracle Maker!

It's Time to Awaken the REAL You.

Constantly chasing the next "inspo hit" online is precisely what keeps you cycling back into feelings of guilt, shame or embarrassment because you're constantly comparing yourself with other people.


Watching a million free workshops won't change your results, either. At some point, you have to invest in yourself and back it up with inspired, aligned action. 


You literally give the universe permission to invest in YOU every time you invest in yourself!

Four Miracle Focus Areas

The four modules are the reasons you're guaranteed to walk out of the 18-week experience with a whole new tack room full of upgraded online skillsets and mindset mastery mechanisms re-booted!



It's also why you'll be able to gallop confidently into your future with clarity, peace of mind, direction, awareness, flow, love, gratitude, happiness and inspiration to keep the momentum flowing:


Build Rock Solid Foundations.

Rich, safe and happy ones!


Create Successful Online Systems.

With a prosperous presence!


Soulful Sales & Magic Marketing Made Love.

No more fear - just LOVE!


Embody the Worthy, Safe & Happy YOU.

Maintaining your miracles!

Reserve Your Special Place!

Wondering how to change your life, business (and bank account) for good? Then enjoy a friendly conversation with Kristen! Express your interest here:

Are You Ready to Feel Worthy, Abundant, Safer, Richer, Healthier & Happier?

Then it's Time to Unbridle Your Magnificence!

Here are the highlights of each module in our sensational 4.5 month group mentorship experience:

Create Rich, Safe and Happy Foundations with Kristen

(1) Co-Create Your New MMM Life & Business Foundations

  • Reveal your Magnificent Vision
  • Enjoy your 1st Private Consultation with our resident PRO Dietitian Nutritionist & Personal Trainer 
  • Masterful Concepts that Empower you for more Money, Fun, Happiness, Health and Success 
  • Activate your Revitalized Self-Confidence, Self-Worth, Self-Esteem and Self-Love
  • Create your new 5-7-9 Money Management Model
  • Establish Fulfilling Foundations for your new MMM Inspired Life & Business goals with multiple tools!

(2) Create Your Online Success Systems & Presence for Prosperity

  • Ignite your PPP Brilliance - Pricing, Positioning + Packaging
  • Get savvy with Social Media - and save TIME!
  • Create/Update your Website
  • Activate your Email Marketing
  • Integrate your Tech Spec... with Ease
  • Dissolve your Negative Beliefs & Self-Sabotage Patterns
  • Get Lovin' with Legal
  • Embrace the Energy of Success for your freshly Inspired life
Create Successful Online Systems with Kristen
Soulful Sales and Magic Marketing with Kristen

(3) Soulful Sales & Magic Marketing... made LOVE!

  • Learn to LOVE your Soulful Sales Conversations!
  • Implement + Execute your new Marketing Strategies and Tactics - the ones that work for YOU!
  • Apply the Universal Laws for Abundance and Success
  • Set your Smart Sales Targets and Weekly Focus Activities
  • Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome and "the Next Best" BS like a PRO
  • Create newly Inspired Habits and Rituals that allow Space for Harmony in your everyday life experience

(4) Embodying the Miracles that Reveal your Greatest YOU!

No more hiding behind the laptop... No more hiding away from all your GORGEOUSNESS!


We welcome wrinkles, PJ's, bare feet, tears, cussing, introverts and all. 


We're here to help you step into your highest, happiest self: the confident human who loves making money through his or her small business and radiates passion and inspiration for LIFE!

  • Celebrate all your miracles and micro-wins! Together, we monitor all your successes every step of the way.

  • Check in with your PRO Dietitian Nutritionist again - relish your Christmas and welcome the New Year!

  • Learn Wealth Consciousness Principles for joyful prosperity that maintains your momentum.

  • Receive your Swag! Yup... we're ordering import quality custom-designs just for YOU!

Meet Your MMM Guides

Your Leading Ladies:


Miracle Money Mentor


Registered Dietitian Nutritionist


Relationship Expert


SoulFire Living

Questions? Book a Call with Kristen!

If you have questions, I'm here to help.  Simply click the button, pop over to my Calendly Online Bookings page, and choose your best time to discuss the MMM Group with me:

Align with the Essence of Money

Your Vibrations Create Your Manifestations.

In proud support of Inspired Choices Network, Kristen will share *proven* solutions, principles and exercises that will dramatically increase your ability to align with the energetic essence of money.

  • Upgrade your skills and way of thinking while improving your financial situation 

  • Decrease your stress and anxiety about money as you start regulating your emotions and approach new ideas and challenging situations differently

  • Enhance your mental acuity so that you can think clearly and make better decisions while letting go of the old lack 'n limitation paradigm

  • Improve your ability to focus on your business activities while playing in your creative genius 

  • Replace old, dysfunctional emotional money patterns with your revamped Money EQ + IQ... the Thoroughbred Way!

You'll also learn the EASY little money tricks that Kristen personally used to shift from broke to global success!


The only question to ask is: "How do you prefer to drink your morning cuppa - the hundred bucks way or the million dollar way?"


"Your real job on earth is to find out what you are meant to be doing, and to find a way to do that thing."

Oprah Winfrey

Nothing Beats Experience


The MMM Group Mentorship Experience is the new 18-week opportunity inspired by Kristen's open mic segment on the Inspired Choices Network show (aired on 27 September 2021).


We'll work comfortably around the Festive Season and New Year period so that every participant feels heard, seen, understood and honoured. We place a high value on family, too.


We're also limiting this MMM Group Experience to x8 people.

This ensures that every individual gleans from Kristen's 15 years' human potential and self-actualization experience, and that they enjoy personalized time with the other MMM Guides.


To date, Kristen has mentored and advised people across 5 continents... and counting! Countries include England, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Germany, Holland and Australia.


All her clients have traversed significant life events, and the current "Great Resignation" and "Great Awakening" are challenging experiences for most people.


Below are another 6 reasons people regularly ask for Kristen's mentorship and support:


  • Recovery from personally traumatic events (eg. husband arrested for sexual assault, partner committed suicide)

  • Emotional agility + mental resilience (eg. getting divorced, business mergers, grief after loss, partners cheating)

  • Financial empowerment after a family money crisis (eg. lost job/income source, both parents have to work)

  • Dazzling debt + miracle money management (eg. overcoming overwhelm + smarter strategies to manage debt)

  • Starting a new business from from home (eg. while employed in a job, or having burned the ships and quit already)

  • Encore transition mentorship (eg. clients were in corporate for decades but chose to consult / coach from home)


Kristen will also share the *exact* systems + technical platforms she used as a bootstrapper when she first started out!


Yes: She started off with nothing but a laptop, wifi, big dreams and a small personal bank loan for a little cash.


This is why she can guarantee you that it's POSSIBLE to enjoy significant success and a deeply fulfilling life without a fancy website or a large audience on hand. And there's zero funnel frenzy in our consciously aligned world, either.  ;-) 


You Belong Inside MMM if:


You want to break free from the sabotaging patterns that are holding you back...

And start galloping through your challenges like a seasoned racehorse!


You're ready to stand up  for what you REALLY want from your life and business. 

Including a healthier body... a happier, wealthier mindset... and more $ flow for your bank account!


You've done everything you can on your own already, but you feel as if something is missing... 

So you're ready to get the right help to catapult your growth in a way that's aligned with your heart, mind and soul!

Skip the MMM Line if:

  • You'd rather stay stuck, broke and unhappy instead of doing the inner + outer work required to help you overcome it all

  • You want to keep passing your limiting beliefs, guilt, shame and blame to everyone else instead of healing it now

  • You prefer floating around in a life too small for your dreams while you wallow in self-pity, self-loathing and drama

  • You don't believe it's possible to change your life step by magnificent step with proven Success Supporters by your side

Included for Those Who Want In:

  • Set Up Your Systems

    One by one, we'll help you set up the systems and tech platforms that will get you to where you want to go!

  • 1:1 Support

    Human to human connection and support with your MMM Prosperity Concierge and Kristen!

  • Save Time

    No wasted hours trying to figure out the best marketing strategies or tactics for you. We focus on what you need RIGHT NOW!

  • Live Weekly Training

    Pour your favorite cuppa coffee, get your notepad ready, and dive deep in each of our live weekly teachings!

  • Heart-Centered Talk

    We believe in providing a top quality, heart-centered approach. No BS, no illusions, no empty promises. 

  • Save Money

    Only 2% - 15% of people complete an online course. With MMM, you  save money AND avoid becoming a statistic with dismal results!

  • Worksheets & Guides

    Our detailed companion handouts are print-ready for the enthusiastic home-based entrepreneur!

  • Experienced Teachers

    Learn from award-winning women in money, mindset, relationships and health - we've all been there!

  • Gimmick-Free

    You don't need the latest  app, fancy funnel or "the next best" anything to enjoy significant success... We'll show you how and why!

Budget-Friendly Pricing

Lovingly created for the budding small business owner:

Save $1,332! 

$6,444 Once Off

Imagine what you can do with the extra $1,332 Christmas cash *plus* whatever you earn in our MMM Group?

  • 18 Transformational Weeks (4.5 Months)
  • 4 Expert Guides to Support Your Inspired Growth
  • A High-Vibe Small Group for Close Connection
  • Weekly Live Q&A Sessions
  • BONUS #1: A 90min 1:1 Business Strategy Call 
  • BONUS #2: 88 Journal Prompts for Abundance
  • BONUS #3: A detailed Busy Women's Guide for Healthy On-The-Go Living (women) or Nifty Sports Nutrition Bank (men)
  • BONUS #4: A surprise lifestyle goodie for your kitchen

Delightful Duo - x2 Instalments

$3,888 to Start

With only $3,888 payable by November 01, 2021! By then, you could be earning plenty more anyway. ;-) 

  • 18 Transformational Weeks (4.5 Months)
  • 4 Expert Guides to Support Your Inspired Growth
  • A High-Vibe Small Group for Close Connection
  • Weekly Live Q&A Sessions
  • BONUS #1: A detailed Busy Women's Guide for Healthy On-The-Go Living (women) or Nifty Sports Nutrition Guide (men)
  • BONUS #2: 88 Journal Prompts for Abundance

This is a special offer lovingly created for the Inspired Choices Network audience.

Should you prefer to pay in GBP instead of USD, the Pay In Full Discounted Rate is £4,700 and the Payment Plan option is £2,840 x2.

What Do You Need to Bring?

Other than YOU in all your authentic glory...


You only need to bring your ideas for the dream business you've always wanted to run from home, an open mind, a great sense of humor and a desire to ignite inspired FUN!


Investing in your mindset is the BEST investment you can ever make.


But trying to do it alone? 

Well, that's the fastest way back to ground zero because NOBODY can see their own blind spots.


Think about it: every belief you've built since childhood, every story you've ever told yourself, all the thoughts you're thinking right now... They're the ones that got you HERE.

(And we hope you're celebrating where you are!)


But those same thoughts, beliefs, values, habits and actions? Well, they're not going to get you THERE!


Our greatest power is our ability to choose. 

We get to choose everything we want to accept in our life, and everything we don't.


Why not make an Inspired Choice today?


We have the power to co-create our happiest, healthiest, wealthiest lives.

We also hold the power to consciously create different thoughts and beliefs as we shift our patterns.


This is why Kristen & Co decided to create the MMM Miracles Group Mentorship Experience now, beautifully aligned with the Inspired Choices Network mission. 


RIGHT NOW, we're in one of the most exciting yet drastic shifts in history.


RIGHT NOW, everybody's talking about 'The Great Transformation' and 'The Great Resignation'.


More people are finally standing up in their truth, their light, and their highest calling.


More people are finally stepping into their greatness and becoming all they were designed to be!


When you’re standing on the precipice of pure potential, the way down can look steep and scary...

Upgrading our "inner operating system" takes a whole lotta love, courage, support and guidance from people who've traversed the peaks and valleys before you.


Our hardwired subconscious self-image identity will do everything in its power to hold us back at every turn, and this is why most people quit way too soon.


And that's why the MMM Group is open!

We're here to help every individual who chooses to bravely open new doors of potential and possibility. 


Step by step, we guide everyone with a powerful combination of the practical, strategic steps for sustainable business growth... and we cover the metaphysical money, mindset and miracle avenues.


You get the best of both worlds. You get to have your cake AND eat it, too!


Health + Happiness + Love + Money = An inspired, fun, fulfilling & freedom-fueled LIFE!

"When you have a judgment about money, it's because on some level you have been conditioned to believe that greed and money go hand in hand... Greed is a personality trait. Money is just a commodity."

Anita Moorjani

Join MMM in 4 Easy Steps:

  • Confirm with Kristen

    Confirm your special MMM placement with Kristen and book your VIP Consultation with the Dietitian.

  • Pay the Join Fee

    If you haven't already with Kristen, settle your fee securely with Leslie from our MMM team. 

  • Access our RSH Group

    Unlock the keys to your Inspired MMM future! The doors close on 04 October 2021.

  • Enjoy the Journey!

    While you're growing in our MMM group, we'll get your custom-designed swag created by our boutique artist in Florida! 

Why delay your joy for another day?

Click the button below to reserve your interest in the MMM Miracles 18-week Group Mentorship Experience.


Who knows... it may be the big Thoroughbred breakthrough you want for your life!

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