• The Zululand Conservation Trust is a highly venerated NPO with international reach.

  • The Teams passionately work to protect endangered species, preserve the land, and uplift local communities.

  • Adopt your favorite orphan! You'll receive a certificate, detailed information and a photo about your 'new baby'!

  • Strict Home Checks apply, so the WCET ensures that all rehomed horses are well looked after for the rest of their lives.

  • Personalized Care is given to each of the horses taken in by the WCET, and after which their re-training starts.

  • An established NPO, the WCET is endorsed by other renowned organizations in support of their work.

  • This great man took it on his shoulders to form an NPO and live out his hopes and dreams for his local people.

  • They ride for mental health awareness, gender based violence, drug and alcohol abuse initiatives, education, and more!