I'm Kristen.

  • To feel free to shine your blend of brilliance with all the qualities that enable you to add value differently.

  • An elevation framework packed with premium mentorship support, accountability and experienced guidance to get you back into the arena at your highest level of being.

  • Someone who can help you access your hidden gifts, unbridle your undercover genius, and help you package your world class value so that you can charge handsomely for it.

  • Someone who can ignite your untapped potential and stand by your side as you consciously transform your ways of being, thinking and doing. Because that's what changes your results.

  • A Blue Ribbon Champion Mentorship & Consulting Experience dedicated to your vision, dreams and desires so that you can achieve your significantly successful life. 

  • Support from Someone Who's Been There

  • Only a fellow business owner who's ridden a few rodeos for over a decade can know your experience. Let's create BIG results for the magnificent life you envision.

  • High Performance Empathic Mentorship 

    You are your greatest asset. My mentorship framework involves working consciously through your innate genius and superpowers. I remain devoted to seeing you succeed the way you want to. Together: we elevate, leverage and liberate YOU.


... I don't think I say this enough, but I'm so grateful you're in my life. Thank you for all your help, guidance, suggestions and belief in me. You are totally worth $140k!


Kristen is such an amazing mentor. She has a way with making you feel that you can do it beyond your own limiting beliefs. I highly recommend Kristen!


Kristen, you are a genius! As usual, your guidance is stellar! 🤗 Thanks for all the clarity. It's exciting (challenging and all) and I'm very grateful for you!


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